Brand philosophy

The Mirabelle brand was inspired by the world of children, the need to surround oneself with beauty, the passion for all things handmade and the love of nature.
When I found out that I was going to become a mom, I started exploring the available selection of children’s toys and accessories, discovering that it was over supplied with of the moment, here today, gone tomorrow items and harmful plastic. As a conscious parent, I wanted everything surrounding my growing child to be not only beautiful, but also safe and eco-friendly. So, bearing all this in mind I started to create textiles and bedding for my own child and this is how the idea of the Mirabelle atelier was born.

We focus on high quality fabrics, simplicity of design and timeless textiles. We use only natural fabrics that are completely safe for children, the majority of the cotton we use is GOTS certified organic cotton.
We strive to make every detail, from labels to packaging,out of ecological, environmentally friendly materials.
All textiles from Mirabelle atelier are unique, designed and handcrafted in our studio. We put our whole heart into everything we make, from the design to its execution. We want our products to bring you joy and to become heirlooms for the next generation.

We are faithful to the zero waste philosophy and make use of every last piece of our materials. You cannot imagine what a huge percentage of fabrics is wasted in the process of production of textiles. That is why we try to invent something beautiful for you, from even the smallest fabric scraps.
If we love our children, we must also look after our planet, as it is and will be their home in the future.