We want our products to retain their properties and beautiful colors so they can be used for a long time. Please find below the tips on how to properly care for our products.


We try to take care of our planet and the environment, so we recommend washing all our textiles at a maximum of 30 degrees and using ecological washing products.

  • Please wash in a washing machine, on a delicate programme, at a temperature of 30ºC degrees, or by hand, using delicate detergents.
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry


  • The muslin does not require ironing. However, if you want to iron our textiles, we recommend ironing with a maximum temperature of 150 ° C with plenty of steam.
  • In the case of bedding or pillows with filling, iron them without pressing the sole of the iron too hard against the fabric, as this may cause the filling to clump.

Decorative items

Decorative items such as wands, swans and horses are not washable. Please clean with a clothes roller or a damp cloth when needed.


All teethers are attached to wooden rings with a ribbon. After disassembling the wooden part, the teether can be washed by hand using an ecological detergent.


After removing the rim, the canopy can be easily washed in the washing machine. To dry it it is best to reattach it to the rim and hang in place, it should dry very quickly.